Friday, October 11, 2013

Pammy and Robbie Fight for Lil' Tommy and Kevie's Souls

Well, this is special ~ a far cry from Tuesday's Blog (Press?) release... A lot has developed over this fiasco since the EDL Founders decided to join the Dark Side. (I'm sure the Quilliam Foundation will treat 'em well. The restored bank accounts ~ and the credit cards to shop at Harrods (Moslem owned) to be fitted for Armani suits will suffice).

Ghaffar Hussain head of “outreach and training” at Quilliam:

An old Chinese proverb goes ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Tommy [Robinson] s defection from the EDL [see here], an organisation that he helped form in 2009, represents a first step in a positive direction. His defection was accompanied by regrets, apologies and clarifications, as well as a continued adherence to some positions that many may find unacceptable.
"Ghaffer The Don"
Ghaffar Hussain
…Tommy is clearly a work in progress and, to his credit, he acknowledges that. He has taken a bold step in leaving the EDL and his immediate future is uncertain. What he needs right now to support and guidance so that he can channel his grievances in a more positive and mainstream way… Quilliam will be working with him in order to provide the guidance and training necessary, but even this arduous and challenging work can be derailed if he is not given the time and space to develop.
Pamela Geller (links added):
Why would Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll end our association? They are dissociating themselves from nazis, antisemites and white supremacists. The media just doesn’t get it — or they don’t want to. We condemn violence and peacefully advocate for equality for all before the law.
"Pammy The Moll"
Pamela Geller
…Our struggle in AFDI [American Freedom Defense Initiativeand SION [Stop Islamization of Nations], which continue to stand with Robinson and Carroll, is now and has always been for the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law.
And from Geller’s associate Robert Spencer:
[Robinson] has repeatedly stated that he hasn’t changed his views, but they[i.e. The Huffington Postdon’t care about that — they just want to portray his move as a surrender to the jihad, no matter what. I am no supporter of the Quilliam Foundation, with which the fake moderate Ed Husain was formerly involved, but there is at this point no indication that Robinson or Carroll have given up on their resolve to resist jihad terror and Islamic supremacism.
Robbie The Lieutenant"
Robert Spencer
It is somewhat difficult to see how Quilliam can build any kind of creditable project involving Robinson and Carroll on the basis of “yes, they’re still tied in with Geller and Spencer for now, but don’t worry, we’re giving them guidance and training.”
UPDATE: Following Quilliam’s statement that they have “decapitated” the EDL, Geller and Spencer have expressed dismay in a statement put out under their ADFI branding:
This is Muslim Outreach? Tommy Robinson approaches Quilliam in earnest, puts his life on the line, becomes a pariah (and rightly so) and that’s how they declare it? Decapitation sounds like jihad, not reformation… While we supported Tommy’s distancing himself from the unsavory forces that were infiltrating the EDL, his association with the Quilliam Foundation is problematic in the extreme.
"The Fab Four Dhimmis"

(All captions are mine...) 

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  1. No matter what Tommy and Kev's motivation, the fact is their move is seen as a betrayal and a defection to the enemy. They can try and justify it any way they want but all they have done is show that they are not the type of leaders we want or need.

    They should have laid down strong laws for EDL membership. They should have spoken out. Instead, they skulked away straight into the arms of the enemy...and believe me, they are the enemy. Their statement about 'decapitation' shows exactly what they are.

    I hope a strong EDL leader emerges, one willing to stand strong and face the bully-boy muslims down. Muslims are cowards. They only work in gangs. Get one on his own and see what happens.

    As I keep saying, we are smarter than the jihadists, we outnumber them, and we have the laws of OUR lands. We must work with the police and help them charge the criminals.

    Street protests might satisfy those who love violence.....but when we resort to violence we descend to the same level as the jihadists. We must be better than that. We can beat islam with intelligence and resolve.