Friday, December 13, 2013

Send Your Christmas Salutations to Soldier A

As you know British Marine Soldier, Sgt. Alexander Blackman, was sentenced to a life sentence (with a minimum chance of parole in ten years), by a military tribunal. He will be serving this unjust sentence in a civilian prison.

This case ~ is (rightfully) under appeal, but Alexander will still be languishing in a federal prison, in solitary confinement, separated from his family. Please, send him a Christmas card and endorse your support. 

He committed NO CRIME, except protecting his fellow Troops. 

The Men and Women who serve our Nations Globally should be held in high esteem ~ this is a travesty of justice, and the presiding judge (small caps intended) should be dismissed.

Show your support: Write Sgt Blackman a letter and send him a Christmas card.

Royal Marine Assoc central office.Bld 32 HMS Excellent,Whale Island Portsmouth,Hants PO2 8ER

Get in touch with the Solicitor:

Sgt A Blackman c/o Issy Hogg & co solicitors Manor cottage Alton Rd Hook Hampshire RG29 1RS

(They will forward all letters on)

"So many of our Servicemen and women have made the ultimate sacrifice; so many lives have been lost and so many changed forever by the wounds that they have suffered in the course of their duties. For these selfless people, it is after the guns have fallen silent, the din of battle quietened, that the real fight begins – a fight that may last for the rest of their lives."
~ HRH, Prince Harry

Jeffrey Blackett (born 20 May 1955) is a British judge (This was the presiding judge i.e., a dirt-bag...) 


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    1. "Sam" Smout. Falklands '82.Royal Navy.December 15, 2013 at 7:38 AM

      This could not be a clearer case for the instigation of "Veteran's Courts", as in USA. This case would have gone before Doctor's, PTSD specialists, and military personnel who know all too well what we are expecting our troops to do for us. Not a Judge and jury who can be easily influenced, as "12 good men and true" can never see the same story as people who have walked in Sgt Blackman's boots.

  2. The treatment of this Marine is unforgivable. The military hierarchy expects soldiers to work 100% every day for 8 months when they are extremely stressed, traumatised, suffering paranoia, delusions, nightmares and insomnia. Your body and mind are not designed to cope with severe trauma and stress every day. Due to General's Hougton's arrogance he expects soldiers to be strong, no room for weakness and accept they may die at the Taliban brutal hands. General Hougton has failured this Marine at every level. I find it unbelievable this Marine was never diagnosed with PTSD and no recognition or acceptance has occurred from the military hierarchy or Judge Blackett. I just have to wonder how many other soldiers suffered in silence due to the ignorance or inability of the military hierarchy to diagnose PTSD. I find this unforgivable. During the trial, PTSD specialists weren't presented. As a matter of fact their was hardly any recognition of the condition during the trial. I am ex-military, worked for 10+ years with severely traumatised soldier with PTSD, I find this a total miscarriage of justice and unforgivable. This marine was portrayed on so many levels by the British government. I find it forgivable this Marine was identified endangering his family of terrorist reprisals. The Taliban still had a grenade and AK47 on his person, he was not unarmed like portrayed by Judge Blackett. Just because the Taliban was near death doesn't mean he would not try to attack again. I don't know why we even bothered holding a trial as his punishment was already decided by General Houghton and Judge Blackett. This Marine needs to be shown compassion not the ignorance and arrogance by outspoken General Houghton and Judge Brackett.

  3. Lynda, so well said. I was infuriated this fine Soldier's name was released. We tried to keep it unpublished on EDL Radio, but the presiding judge released it. PTSD is a reality in which our Men and Women have to be afforded top care, and this was indeed a miscarriage.

    Thank you for helping spread this missive for Sgt. Blackman ~ and, thank YOU for your Service.

  4. Red Fox it is my pleasure. I am an Australian and was horrified what happened to this brave marine. It broke my heart to see such miscarriage of justice. In my job as medical technician in the ADF, I witnessed what PTSD can do to soldiers. What people fail to realize, it can affect each person differently. PTSD can cause mood disturbances, aggressive behavior or it can take one small incident to set them off. We have a Major General John Cantwell who went on major operations (1991 - 2011) with PTSD, hiding it for decades from his commanders fearing the stigma and mistreatment. He wrote a book called EXIT WOUNDS One Australian's War on Terror'. I think everyone should read it as it gives a good insight how Veterans suffer in silence. This condition is serious and mustn't be ignored. If this Marine is not treated appropriately, suicide can result. I have dealt with the after affects and it is something I don't ever want to deal with again. By not acknowledging or providing treatment, General Houghton has failed in duty of care. I find this unacceptable and appalling treatment. Here is an example of one Veterans journey with PTSD - PTSD Vietnam. I would like to thank once again for showing understanding to this condition as many people don't seem to understand the seriousness of it.

  5. Red Fox, I also need to point out John Cantwell is many veterans savior. He did an interview with ABC, November. (Interview with John Cantwell).