Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dhimmi Robinson Speaks on BBC1

I have been told to temper my "opinions" regarding the defections of  Dhimmi Robinson and Dhimmi Carroll from the English Defence League.

No, I won't! I paid money to his Defence Fund and sent Christmas presents to his children.

 Listen to the latest apologetics.

(BTW the online poll at the end of the program placed favourable at 95% FOR THE EDL in that it has a right to express opinion on islamic issues in England).

Note: Does The Dhimmi have a five o'clock shadow, and will it be Henna-dyed later? And, is it sporting an Armani suit?)


  1. FFS! These muslims are crying because PATRIOTIC Englishmen are starting to fight back...bombing mosques is nothing compared to killing a British soldier on the streets of London, or slaughtering dozens of people in Kenya, or burning down hundreds of churches around the world, or shooting innocent school children in Nigeria....need I go on?

    When will the dhimmis understand that we DO NOT WANT ISLAM in our countries?

    If the muslims want to practice their crappy religion, let them go to a muslim country. Get out of our countries!

  2. Restore Australia, I cannot convey enough how much I agree. This clap-trap with moslems is long over-due for an over-haul in the West.

    Kenya awakened more people (the published autopsy reports of the victims had many literally becoming physically ill).

    We are at a critical juncture, and we will win in the end. moslems can no longer run from the infractions on Humanity.