Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Islam is a dangerous entity, with their threats... We have to ensure their threatening missives are exposed. This is enough... They are threatening too many politicians and vocal opponents - Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, Paul Weston of the United Kingdom ~ and now, Mike Holt of Australia...

H/T to Bare Naked Islam:

AUSTRALIA: ‘One Nation’ Political candidate Mike Holt gets beheading and rape threats from Muslim

Controversial ‘One Nation’ candidate Mike Holt wants a Muslim man who made rape and beheading death threats against him for insulting Islam on Facebook charged with hate speech. Mr Holt, running for the seat of Fairfax, received several threats from a man who identified himself as Muslim on his public page, ‘Mike Holt One National Fairfax Candidate.’
Probably has something to do with this successful campaign against Halal waged by Mike Holt: 

Sunshine Coast Daily via The Religion of Peace  

The threats, made on Thursday and Friday, made mentions of rape and beheading those who insulted Islam.

One comment read: “I swear this bloke won’t last someone will get you out there you can’t hide for every mike come meet me in bankstown just tell me you talk but can you face a Muslim your a weak dog with no guts keep talking behind your screen someone will grab you sooner or later.”

Other comments were unfit for print.

Mr Holt said he had reported the matter to the Queensland Counter Terrorism Unit.
An investigation has been opened and he will file a formal complain at 

Maroochydore Police Station today. 

“You have to take it seriously,” he said. ”I’m not afraid but I’m taking reasonable precautions.” 

He said some people were well known for going crazy and doing stupid things.

“This guy’s challenged me and says someone’s going to kill me,” he said. ”At very least it’s hate speech… it could be a lot worse.”


Mr Holt said they were the first death threats he had received. ”These threats won’t distract me. They only strengthen my resolve to get into parliament and get this country back on track.”

Mr Holt made headlines early in his federal election campaigning when he was linked to a food contamination scare involving stickers warning that Halal food funds terrorism. The stickers were available for purchase from Restore Australia, whose CEO was listed as Mr Holt.


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