Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CAIR Canada Intimidation

The National Council of "Canadian" Muslims aka CAIR Canada is in Jihad Drive:


Here again we see Muslim Brotherhood groups intimidate and harass in order to impose the sharia on free societies. Free speech jihad.
I am scheduled to speak in Toronto on September 17th with Robert Spencer. You may recall that back in April, I was scheduled to speak at the Toronto Chabad synagogue when the Rabbi was strongarmed by sharia-compliant police to cancel my event. The event was moved, and I spoke to a standing room only crowds (hundreds were turned away). And the police officer and chief that tried to shut down the event are currently under investigation.
Fast forward. We are scheduled to speak September 17th. Muslim Brotherhood groups, upon hearing that we would be speaking, went into Brotherhood mode, threatening, intimidating and spreading lies and libel in order to scare good folks into canceling this much-needed event. Here is the letter that was sent to the venue where the JDL is hosting the event: 
2013.08.14.NCCM.HILTON.GELLER copy

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 8.19.03 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood thugs are on a jihad against the truth. Truth begets hate -- CAIR defines that Latin axiom.
They go after everyone who does not submit to the blasphemy laws under the sharia. Their agenda is the same as that of the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The brother of a CAIR leader in the US was killed fighting alongside the MB in Egypt in Thursday. This is war. And they are winning. No one is safe unless we fight back.
Muslim Brotherhood CAIR attempts to takes down anyone who resists.
The Jewish Defense League, the group that invited us, responded with this letter:
1424.2013.08.15.HILTON.GELLER-1 copy
Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 10.31.15 PM
Blazing Cat Fur

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