Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Example of Islamic Appeasement

Justin Trudeau is the Leader of the Liberal Party in Canada~ he could very well be the Prime Minister of Canada after the next election. This man is dangerous - he is supportive of CAIR and Islamists in their quest to establish Sharia Law in Canada. 

Watch out for this man ~ he is a threat to this Nation:

Toronto Sun, July 17, 2013 ~ Editorial


Justin Trudeau is pandering to the wrong crowd.

Canadians should be outraged to learn the federal Liberal leader spoke at an Islamic Society of North America, Canada event.

This is a group that promotes views that are simply incompatible with the hallmarks of liberal democracy and Canadian society.

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau
But don’t take it from us. Here’s what Mumtaz Khan, president of the Muslim Canadian Congress, had to say:

"We are deeply disappointed that Justin Trudeau continues to appease known Islamist organizations that not only have a tainted record in the U.S. but who are known proponents of Sharia law in Canada."

You’d think Trudeau would have learned his lesson.

He got a lot of flak for speaking at Reviving the Islamic Spirit, a conference held just before Christmas. The problem then, as now, was some of the questionable groups circling the event.

Speaking at that conference back then, Trudeau even lashed out at people upset with his attendance:

"It is short-sighted to pit groups of Canadians against one another. It may make some feel good for a little while, or even work politically in the short term, but it is no way to build a country,"

Really?! But it’s the very Islamist groups he’s speaking in front of that are criticized for their promotion of Sharia and their lack of respect for women’s and gay rights. They are the people pitting groups against each other! Calling them out for it is something we’re proud to do.

Trudeau should have turned down their invitation. Like newly appointed multiculturalism minister Chris Alexander did. So far Alexander has a better record on this than his cabinet predecessor Jason Kenney – who in 2008 thanked a gathering of ISNA attendees “for being such great Canadians.” More pandering!

But our worry isn’t so much that Trudeau made a faux pas, but more that he’s fully aware of what he’s doing.

When it comes to associating with serious Islamists, they’re always the ones using you.
 Sorry Justin, but you need to take your own advice: Pandering to Islamists may make you feel good for a little while or even work politically in the short term but it’s no way to build a country.

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