Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moslem Convert Says He Was Tortured (and is Sorry, So Sorry...)

Well, here we go... Aaron Yoon, who was converted to Islam in a London, Ontario highschool (and subsequently radicalized) is claiming he was coerced and tortured. Cue the ensuing lawsuit against Canada for not "protecting him."

This has the aroma of Maher Arar, a Syrian National and another who left Canada under mysterious circumstances... And returned to win a 10.5 million lawsuit against the taxpayers...

Aaron Yoon in the 2005-2006 South Secondary School yearbook in London, Ontario. Yoon has been in prison in Mauritania since 2011. Canadian Muslim convert imprisoned in Mauritania tells amnesty group he was tortured in prison (Stewart Bell, National Post, June 25, 2013)

A Canadian Muslim convert imprisoned in Mauritania since 2011 has told Amnesty International he was tortured into signing a confession that said he intended to join al-Qaeda in Mali.
“I am innocent and hope I can prove that one day,” Aaron Yoon, 24, a former resident of London, Ont., said in a statement released Tuesday by Amnesty Canada’s secretary general Alex Neve, who met him in prison.
“Whatever people think about me because of what my friends have done; whatever people may think of me because they don’t understand the choices I have made — I hope they do understand one thing. No one should ever be tortured and I have been tortured.”
Mr. Neve returned to Ottawa on Tuesday after taking part in an Amnesty delegation that interviewed inmates at three Mauritanian prisons, including the Prison Centrale, where Mr. Yoon is being held.
In an interview, he said Mr. Yoon had shown him scars and provided a credible description of torture that was consistent with the testimonies of other inmates who had complained about having been beaten into making confessions.


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