Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fatwas Put on Bloggers and Facebook Pages

Hey, there is big money to be made for the Capture of an Infidel! Yee-haw, a fatwa (bounty, or call for death...) for little ole us decent people exposing what Islam is. How exciting, get your front row tickets for the be-headings. 

Our own Sharia Unveiled is currently in their cross-hairs.

(I purposefully omitted the photos of the "fatwa-ees" here. You can visit the accompanying link to view for yourself).

(H/T to John S. of IAW)

Islamic Terrorist Organization Places Bounty on Infidel Webpage Administrators
 Schuyler Montague, June 25, 2013

While researching our story yesterday on the recent removal of Counterjihad pages by Facebook, we uncovered some very disturbing information.  In an attempt to locate the source of the Islamic onslaught against the freedom of expression, we ventured down the rabbit hole of Islamic hate.  And what we discovered when we got there, tucked away in a dark corner, was a website operated by a terrorist organization called the Islamic Socialist Network.

It didn't take very long to figure out once we located the website under the name of the "Union Star Network" that we were dealing with something much bigger than a 20-year-old muslim boy in his mom's basement.  And, if there were any doubts, they quickly faded when we saw photos of Facebook page administrators on "Wanted" posters, offering cash rewards of up to $1 Million for personal information such as residence addresses.

Here is the first page on their website dedicated to "Ban Islam" and here is the second page dedicated to "YDM."  If you scroll down their page you will find the "Wanted" posters below.

Islamic Socialist Network (resized)This terrorist network has obviously initiated a coordinated plan of attack.  These first couple pictures were on their page dedicated to the webpage "Ban Islam": Ban Islam Site Wanted Poster 1This Wanted Poster clearly offers over $1 Million for information about the administrators of "Ban Islam"

Ban Islam Wanted Poster - Jeremy Silbert
Even though this gentleman's full name appears on the terrorist's website, we are witholding his name.  As you can see, they are offering $500,000.00 for information about him.

On another page of the terrorist's website, they list the name of another Counterjihad webpage in their sights by the name of YDM which stands for "Your Daily Muslim."  The picture below is another "Wanted" poster for that sites administrator:

YDM Wanted Poster 1On this Wanted poster you can see where they are attempting to acquire information for the individual's name and residence.

We are taking this very seriously.  We cannot and we will not allow this to continue.  This is one site that we know of.  How many more are out there doing the same thing or worse?  So, here is our plan:

Take Action Now:  

This terrorist site is definitely craving attention, so let’s give them some attention:

We are asking that "you" go to both pages  below marked  1" and "Page 2" and in the top left corner on the black menu bar you will find a drop-down menu.  The last item in the menu is "Report this content."  The closest relevant category they offer is "abusive."  If enough of us do this perhaps the site will be removed.

Page 1:

Page 2:

We are currently in the process of obtaining further information about this website, their administrators and their location in order to report them to the proper authorities.  Once we obtain this information we will inform you and proceed to our next step.

(Hey, Islamists, come and get us ~ just don't cry when you get bitten...)

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