Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weapon of Musical Defence

Our First Album: Imagine Jihad 

Weapon of Musical Defense's first album, Imagine Jihad (part 1) is now available! You can listen to Imagine Jihad (part 1) on our site and buy either a digital download or a beautifully packaged CD direct from our store.
WMD is a group of concerned musicians and performers, some of whom you almost definitely know. It's likely that you already have music in your collection performed and played by those who, collectively make up WMD. You may have even seen them perform live. And if you don't own their music or have never been to a live performance, you've certainly heard it on radio, TV and movies.
After 9-11 we were horrified at the hate & exhortations to violence we read in the Koran so we began learning more about what Winston Churchill called "the religion of blood and war".
We wrote songs and studied to be certain of the facts, all the time becoming more alarmed. Now we want to share our findings with a wider audience. This album is the first to result from our work.
Please pass on links to our site and keep watching. We’ll be updating our site so you might like tosubscribe to our news feed okeepchecking our blog. The HarbiWe have had to learn about many subjects in order to write the lyrics and be sure of accuracy.
We invite you on a musical odyssey. Come along with us on the same journey of discovery we have been on. We will provide copious notes and links so you can study, if you like, as we have.
Above all listen to our work and make up your own mind. Don't be a Harbi!

Who Is The Harbi?

Living in his non-Muslim land, the Harbi is blissfully unaware of the fate Islam reserves for him. When his country is one day taken over by Islam, he'll be aDhimmi no doubt.
He lives in a state of Western decadence, enjoying all the trappings that freedom affords him while he remains blissfully unaware of the Trojan Horse that will end his life as he knows it.
Mark Steyn calls the modern European / U.S. Liberal: "the wrinkliest teenagers around". These are Harbis.
He has bleached, gelled hair and tanned holiday skin. He wears the latest styles, including colourful shirts, tinted specs, metrosexual shoes and no tie, that would be 'conforming to social norms'
He listens to his i-pod, probably another whiney angst-ridden female on his play-list.
He is distracted: TV, Travel, Property, Sport, Stocks etc. are far more pressing than the problem of Global Jihad.
He is unaware of the demographic time bomb that will convert his civilization into an Islamized vacuum, into oblivion. He is unaware that under Islamic law non-Muslims have no legal rights.
He is living in denial*.

Who Is The Dhimmi?

"Dhimmitude is a word which tries to describe the horrors suffered by human beings conquered by Jihad, the religious duty of every Muslim"
Under Islamic Sharia law non-Muslims have no legal rights whatsoever, only conceded rights.
Dhimmi is a non-Muslim, an infidel, living in a land conquered by Islam. He pays a special tax, theJizya, which buys him "protection". There are, however, numerous restrictive conditions he must meet but his so-called "rights" can still be withdrawn. Even the right to life.
It is important for him to feel humbled and humiliated at all times by the superior Muslims. When he pays his Jizya tax he must bow and may be struck as he pays.

The Dhimmi can only be Jewish or Christian. All others, Zoarastrian, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist or anything else, can't, strictly speaking, be Dhimmis, they must convert to Islam or die. The Muslim leader can decide otherwise which he mostly does so as to have someone to tax!
If you don't live under Islam, yet, you're a Harbi. But if your country ever institutes Sharia law, you'll be either dead, converted or living in fear as a Dhimmi.
We'll be expanding our own information on The Dhimmi very soon but right now you can find much more about him on Dhimmi Watch and Dhimmitude.org.

Who Is Judge for Y'self?
We've taken a great deal of care over what we say in our songs and what we've written on our website. We're not trying to tell you what to think. We hope that the information we present here will help you reach your own conclusions.

We ask you to listen and read but Judge For Yourselfin other words!

We didn't come up with the name. It was used by the Goons in an episode called "The Sale of Manhattan". This episode features a court case in which Neddie Seagoon claims to own New York. After his case is thrown out he arranges to blow up New York.
Court Usher (Lew):
Silence in court! The 24th court of the Brooklyn district of Manhattan is now in session. The case of Chief Ned Goon versus the United States of America, and I'll lay ten to one that Schnorra gets thrown out on his ear. And now, the court will rise, Judge Fayaself presiding!
The Law

Who Is The Law?

"If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties" - Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
The Law is one of the founder members of the band. The Law was once a real lawyer but after 9-11 he started reading and studying.
The Law began his inquiry with a completely open mind. He searched and searched for positives but found only negatives.
As he delved more and more it dawned on him that it was all "Too Bad to Be True."
He's studied Islam in great depth and is bringing to you the results of his studies.

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