Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moslem Men, Rape Victim ~ Need I Say More?

Three Toronto brothers charged in alleged Club District gang sexual assault

Omeed Ahmadzai, 24; Nazeef Ahmadzai, 30; and Hewad Ahmadzi, 26, were charged with gang sexual assault after an alleged attack in Toronto's Club District

Three brothers are facing charges in a gang sexual assault investigation after a woman was allegedly repeatedly assaulted in an SUV early on Saturday morning.
On Saturday, police say, a group of friends were at a nightclub near Richmond Street and Spadina Avenue when a 22-year-old woman was approached by a man who struck up a conversation with her.
Not long after, police say, the woman and her friends were followed outside the club by the same man and two other men who offered to drive them home.
The woman accepted the offer and was then led to a nearby parking garage. Police allege she was forcibly confined in an SUV and sexually assaulted by two of the men.
Concerned for her safety, the woman’s friends searched the area near the nightclub and found her in the underground parking garage, and then called police.
The three men were arrested not long after.
Hewad Ahmadzai, 26; Omeed Ahmadzai, 24; and Nazeef Ahmadzai, 30 all of Toronto have been charged with forcible confinement and gang sexual assault.
Police believe there may be other victims.

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