Thursday, May 16, 2013

Islam Thinks The West is Intolerant

"My Life Had Meaning"
I seriously think it's about time we RETHINK this issue of Islam. This "religion" predates medieval times and has proven itself to be nothing more than what it lives up to ~ global caliphate aspirations, yes, but it also advocates global bigotry and subjugation.

Hanging people for the "crime" of being gay is unthinkable in the West, but we truly give it not a thought, as these types of images are almost as mainstream as Katz The Dog (don't ask me..I just made that up..)

That's right ~ we see 'em, move on, forget, then see 'em again, then get outraged for a sec ~ then move on again, and so it goes.

Lets take a closer look at this photo: See those guys? All five of them? Yeah, those guys. REALLY look at them... Look at the clothes they are wearing (see the one on the left? He's wearing a hep looking striped shirt. The one beside him ~ check out the Western jeans he is sporting...)

These were just "dudes" not looking to cause any trouble ~ just getting on with life, harming no-one, but hanged for an intimacy kept private in their life. (Unlike over "here," whereas one cannot shake a stick without spanking a bare ass during a Gay Pride Parade).

I think we have to take stock of our allegiance regarding Islam. This is one MORE example of what to expect  if we don't.

I am sick and tired of the passivity of the liberal West who refuse to recognize this singular atrocity, amongst many others witnessed. Be apprised, this is a - yet - another example of Islam.

By the way:

The guy in the striped shirt could be Andy from Idaho, the blue-jeaned man could be Eric from New York, maybe the gentleman in the middle is Gary from Ontario, the man dressed in black might be Jim from London, the youngest-looking one on the right could be Dave from Australia.

Think about it.

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