Friday, May 17, 2013

French Priest Assaulted, Archbishop Warns of Muslim Takeover

By Daniel Greenfield, May 17, 2013

priest muslim assault
Father Gregoire and Monsignor Cattenoz
Muslims have a saying, “First the Saturday people, Then the Sunday People.” It’s as true in France as it is Egypt or Bethlehem.

The day after the attack on Father GrĂ©goire, Monsignor Cattenoz has spoken out strongly and denounced “people of the Muslim faith taking control of the district”.
On Monday at around 8 pm, Father Grégoire from the parish of Saint-Jean was attacked by an individual. Struck on the face, the priest was unconscious on the ground until two other members of the parish arrived.
This Tuesday morning at around 11 am, Monsignor Cattenoz, Archbishop of Avignon, denounced growing insecurity in the district of Saint-Ruf (while the local authority official in charge of public safety instead claims that there has been a decrease in crime in this sector), as well as the proliferation of thefts and threats aimed at members of the parish.
The leader of the Catholics in Vaucluse went even further: “People of the Muslim faith have progressively taken control of this district”… before proposing to create a committee bringing together representatives of the main religions, in order to calm the situation.
Somehow I don’t think the committee will do much good. Before long, the committee will agree that Muslims are in no way responsible for the violence, and that the only solution is to find the violent people, who aren’t Muslims, more jobs and government subsidies. And more sensitivity toward the religion whose members they aren’t.

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