Sunday, December 15, 2013

Liberty GB Radio ~ Episode Two

 Tim Burton is Host and Moderator:
Paul Weston
Welcome to Liberty GB Radio – joining us today we have Enza Ferreri (Press Officer) Patrick Rourke (Research Officer) Jack Buckby (Culture Officer) and of course Paul Weston, the Chairman and founder of Liberty GB. Together they will be discussing some of the hot political issues of the day - so please join us and be assured of an entertaining and thought-provoking programme.
Given that the Islamisation of our country is rapidly advancing, and that appeals to the Muslim community from the British Government for more integration and assimilation into our society are falling on deaf ears, Liberty GB, a clarion voice in the political landscape today, recognises that desperate times call for desperate measures. Paul Weston has recently called for the removal of Islam from Britain before demographics render the situation unmanageable.
How exactly might this be accomplished? Your host today is Tim Burton.

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