Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Bearded Beanie

(This is so TOTALLY credited to Vlad Tepes!)

Living in Europe and wondering how to cope with a newly islamized area here at your home or work? Why not try sneaking past the mosque unnoticed in this new‘Nighnfidel’ available at Hammacher SchlemmerNever again will you have to worry about being beaten, raped or mugged because of your lack of belief. Just put on the patented Nighnfidel a block before you reach the sharia patrol zone and then put it in your pocket once you reach a pocket of civilization and freedom of conscience. Order yours today!

The Bearded BeanieLifetime Guarantee
"Comes in all Infidel sizes!"

This is the knit cap with a foldaway detachable beard that evokes the hirsute virility of mountain men while engaging in winter tasks. Ideal for chopping wood, building a cabin, or shoveling snow, it is made from soft 100% acrylic yarn into a tight weave that refuses to even acknowledge the cold, let alone allow it to gain purchase against one's skin - whether clean-shaven or not. Though comfortable and soft, the beard imparts a machismo only the most confident can exude, adjusting in length with hook-and-loop fasteners inside the cap's interior. When a more respectable bearing is required, the beard can be folded into the cap or detached completely. Brown. One size fits most. (3 oz.)

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