Thursday, October 3, 2013

Okay... Real or Fake?

Alright, Folks... is this a true approach to asylum seekers or have we been punk'd? (Either way, it amused me, hope it does you as well). This is from Holland.

H/T to Bare Naked Islam:


  1. Great blog Kel!.... the asylum seekers had me chuckling and wishing ''if only''....the little girl with only half a brain had me in tears......I also nosed around some of the other clips ...a few weeps a few laughs and a few shocks!!....time to put the kettle on and do what Brits do well......ave a cuppa!....I need it after that lot !
    Thanks for posting this Kel!
    regards ,Paul...

  2. LOL, Paul ~ my pleasure! (I was sure the egged Dude had "jihad" in his eyes). Cheers!