Saturday, October 26, 2013

moslems Are the New America?

...Well, according to Jesse Jackson...

"We are the new America,” Jackson said at the second annual banquet of the ArabAmerican Civil Rights League, a Canton-based group formed in 2011 by attorneyNabih Ayad. “Love yourself. Stand up and fight back.” (

Jackson's new BFF (islamic handi-work)
Jesse Jackson to Muslims: “You Are the New America”

This week, Jesse Jackson urged Arab-Americans to fight for their rights because minorities “are the new America.”

At a meeting of the Arab-American Civil Rights League, Jackson, a Christian minister and race-baiting activist told the audience to “love yourself. Stand up and fight back.”

Jackson was referring to supposed racism aimed at Arabs, including being targeted at airports. He said these civil rights violations are the “madness of racism.”

Jackson has close ties to the Arab and Muslim communities, as he worked closely with them during his presidential campaigns in 1984 and 1988. One of Jackson’s closest political advisers, James Zogby, even became the president of the Arab-American Institute.

Arabs have described they are drawn to Jackson because of his uber-liberal stance on social issues and religion.

“You must not retreat” from racist Americans who hold you down, Jackson urged. “You are God’s people.”

“We are the new America,” Jackson declared.

Share your thoughts. Should Arabs or Muslims be “the new America?”


Is this guy a closet moslem?

One of the more well known and recognized monikers given to the Reverend Jessie Jackson is that of a race hustler who uses his title as a Christian leader to further his political and monetary agendas.  However, it now seems that after years of prostituting Christianity for earthly wealthand fame he is seeking the confidence of Islam to stand with him and fight against the racial ghosts of a nation that has been dead for more than 40 years.  In a recent speech given at the Arab American Civil Rights League, Reverend Jackson threw his beliefs under the bus and reached out to Muslims in the U.S. to stand up and fight against the very individuals he claims to lead under his current religious anointing.

Closet Muslim? Jessie Jackson throws Christianity under the bus in speech to Arab-Americans
The state of Michigan, and in particular, areas in and around Detroit, have evolved into a balkanized region where Muslims and Arabs have concentrated power and religious inequality in favor of the dominance of Islam.  They have used the courts and control over local agencies that include law enforcement, to segregate themselves apart from other beliefs and the rule of law concentrated in the U.S. Constitution.
Jessie Jackson, along with other black leaders who seek to remain relevant in a diminishing world where true racism is mostly eradicated, appears to be prostituting himself to a new segment of blacks that hold values and beliefs contrary to those of the religion he holds title to.  This more than anything shows that the institution of Christianity was little more than a springboard for the Reverend, as his ulterior goals have and always will be, a means to accumulate earthly power and fame no matter who is hurt in the process.
Since the 1960′s, many blacks, and particularly those who spend time in the nation’s prison systems, are seeing Islam as an alternative means of religious fulfillment as Christianity, and primarily those who walk with the titles of leadership in this religion, fail the African-American community as a whole, and offer little towards stemming the tide of broken families and a revolving door to the criminal justice system.  And as fewer and fewer blacks today seek the dominions of the church, and look for guidance from the ‘race hustlers’ in their communities, leaders such as Jessie Jackson are quickly moving away from being shepherds to their people, and instead are looking towards another religion to help them stay in power some 40 years after they are no longer relevant in the current world.
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