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LibertyGB Weighs in on Former EDL Leader, Tommy Robinson


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Published on Wednesday, 09 October 2013 14:23
Written by Paul Austin Murphy

Tommy Robinson has just resigned from the English Defence League in order to join hands with the Muslim organisationQuilliam; a group which says that its primary aim is to "fight against extremism in the Muslim community". Another twelve senior EDL members including co-founder Kevin Carroll have also left.
Robinson has justified his decision by saying that he doesn't "want to lead a war against all Muslims". It was also partly explained by his fight against open Nazis within the movement, though not always strictly within the EDL itself. For example, according to the British National Party, Tommy Robinson's main problem is to see things in terms of Islam and the behaviour of Muslims (as Muslims) rather than in terms of race. On the BNP website it says:
"As genuine nationalists we have deep ideological differences with the EDL leaders who openly support the ethno-cultural genocide of the indigenous English through mass colonisation and multi-racialism."
First of all, a firm distinction must be made between Tommy Robinson's motives for joining hands with Quilliam (which will be honourable) and what he's actually doing. It may be that what he's doing is simply wrong or misguided even if he does think it will be beneficial in the long-term fight against Islamism and Islamisation of the UK. In addition, it may be said that the best way to fight the Nazis is surely to fight the Nazis rather than to join or link up with a Muslim organisation.
Regardless of whether or not Quilliam is genuinely moderate or "fighting against extremism", its members are not working with the EDL  it's the other way around. Tommy is entering the lion's den, even if some of those lions may be friendly.
Quilliam could, at least in theory, run rings around Tommy; not because he is stupid, but simply because they are Muslims who have become experts in defending Islam. In other words, they may persuade Tommy that Islam itself has absolutely nothing at all to do with Islamism and Islamic terrorism, let alone with Muslim sexual grooming and increasing sharia law in the UK. Scholarship, or pseudo-scholarship and taqiyya (depending on how you look at things), may well pay dividends for Quilliam.
In Nicky Campbell's BBC interview with Tommy Robinson yesterday, Campbell talked about Quilliam's "Islamic scholars" in hushed and admiring tones as if he were talking about a great mystery or some holy persons. Everyone feels intimidated by scholars; and we are probably more intimidated by the term 'Islamic scholar'. But we shouldn't be: these people were Muslims before they were Islamic scholars and they remained Muslims through and after their scholarship. The scholarship itself was never even a tiny challenge to their faith. In fact it reinforced and strengthened their faith  that's what it's for. There are literally tens of thousands  one on every street corner in some places  of 'Islamic scholars' throughout the world who are often little more than automatons whose only skill is to memorise Islamic texts and the Islamic party line (as it were). This is something that Tommy Robinson should bear in mind when he has discussions with Quilliam.

The Muslim and Leftist Enemies of Quilliam

Quilliam may well be taqiyya supreme. Alternatively, it may be banging its head against an Islamic brick wall or trying to put moderate square shapes into immoderate round holes. Nonetheless, people must face the possibility that some Muslims are sincere in their moderation. If they don't, then they may well come across as bigots.
The problem is that moderate Muslims  even if they exist in numbers  are not winning out in the Muslim world or even here in the UK. On top of that, many officially moderate Muslims  such as the BBC's Mo Ansar and Inayat Bunglawala (to name only two)  are not actually moderate at all.
And there is another problem: the Quilliam Foundation is hated both by extreme Muslims and by those who claim to be moderate  including, again, Mo Ansar and Inayat Bunglawala.
Quilliam is also under attack from the usual leftist suspects, such as the Stalinist fanatic Seamus Milne, the professional Islamophiles Jonathan Githens-Mazer and Robert Lambert, as well as the Islamo-Trotskyist Yvonne Ridley.
So Trotskyists, communists and progressives are just as against Quilliam as some in the counter-jihad movement are. Why? Because, as white middle-class leftists, they prefer their Muslims to be Islamists. After all, in their perverse world-view, Islamists are basically Trotskyists/ communists/ progressives with brown skin. And like them, they are out to destroy the West and capitalism. Thus this support of Islamist totalitarianism, from totalitarian leftists, is no surprise at all. These people believe that all non-Islamist Muslims are essentially 'Uncle Toms'; just as they once believed that black people who didn't like rap or support the Black Panthers were Uncle Toms.
Consequently, even if Quilliam is a moderate organisation, it will probably not win out in the end. Most Muslims hate it and only non-Muslims  such as Tommy Robinson!  seem to have any time for what it says and does. And that's precisely whymost Muslims hate it. This means that Quilliam's battle against Islamic extremism may have been lost even before it began.

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