Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Justice? Give Me A Break...

C'mon! This is enough...  Please, demand your politicians do something about these islamists...

Muslim immigrants get community service for gang rape of twelve year old in Norway

A 12 year old girl from Namsos, Norway was gang raped twice by four Muslim immigrants aged 15 to 18. All four perpetrator confessed, and argued that the twelve year old victim consented. The victim was gang raped on an elementary school playground.
The thugs were convicted of aggravated rape, but prosecutor Kaja Strandjord only asked the court for community service for the perpetrators!
The four monsters were collectively ordered to pay a fine. Three of the perps were also given community service.
One of the perpetrators was also convicted of raping another thirteen year old victim. He was only ordered to pay a fine for that rape. 
The lawyer for the victim argued that the perps will likely be repeat offenders.

H/T Restore Australia:

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