Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Beware Halal" Sticker Campaign Working!

Heh, heh, looks like The Scourge is getting a wee bit ticked at the Restore Australia campaign to warn consumers about purchasing halal products....  Latest email:

s-alrazouqi <>

October 19, 3:48 PM

Hello there,
I just saw some stickers in parramatta that says "beware halal food funds terrorism "
who gave you the right to lie !!
I am pretty sure you are pointing to Muslim by that.

you obviously know nothing about Islam or the meaning of halal.
Do you even know why we "Muslims " eat Halal!
Before going around spreading a lie and trying to creat a turmoil, go read about it, learn, have the right knowledge so that your argument becomes stronger and can be supported by real facts.

May Allah (God) guide you to his path.



Look, you little moon worshipper, this is ANOTHER reason why RA is there for us:

(PS, your Grammar is atrocious...)

(WARNING: Very graphic video. Do not view with children present).




Halal food certification funds terrorism

Halal food certification funds terrorism

Plaster the anti-Halal stickers everywhere and help educate Aussies about the creeping attack on our food supply. Get the word out on the street. Stick these striking stickers on shop windows, shop shelves, bus stops, on community noticeboards, in shops, outside shops, on buses….anywhere people will see them. Let’s get people thinking. Aussies need to be aware of the creeping Islamization of our nation…and Halal certification is just one of the weapons they are using against us.

What is Halal food?

The koran (the Islamic equivalent of the bible…and full of commands to kill non-muslims) commands that food consumed by muslims should be halal…that is, prepared and killed according to sharia law. They must slit the throat of live animals without stunning them. As they kill the beast using this cruel method they must face Mecca and say Bismallah…meaning Bless this food Allah! The beast dies a slow, tortured death as it bleeds out.

However, the koran also says that it is permissible for muslims to eat food prepared by infidels if there is no other choice. All they have to do is recite the prayer over it. Nothing more. There is no need for halal certification to make food acceptable for them to eat.

The certification scheme is a scam, and their methods for convincing companies to pay the illegal tax on our food are very similar to those employed by the Mafia. Pay up, or nasty things will happen. Yet thousands of our everyday products are now halal certified. To find out which products they are, visit this website:

Is this what Australians stand for?

Of course not! Get as many sheets of stickers as you like and start sticking them all over Australia.

All money from sticker sales goes towards printing the stickers, mailing them out, and eventually I will buy bus and TV advertizing to spread the word. Do your bit to help raise awareness of the halal certification rort!

Order your stickers below…..

International Orders
Australian Orders

Prices for International orders (UK, USA, NZ and all EU countries) including shipping -- delivery approx 14 days)

Stickers available in any EU language!

Email us at with your translated text to print. Minimum order = 100 sheets. Price available on request.
International Order by Sheet of 24 stickers

The stickers are printed on red discs 45mm wide, with a strong adhesive. They will stick on almost any surface.

Prices for Australian orders including shipping -- delivery approx 3 to 10 days)
Order by Sheet of 24 stickers

Disclaimer: Please place these stickers responsibly. Do not place them on food as that could be considered depriving the shop of a sale and you could be charged with theft. Do not tamper with food items. Penalties may apply.
Watch this video to help you understand why Halal Certification is a scam:


  1. There's also this scam the korangutans are pulling -

  2. Mad, thanks! I will definitely explore that one and pass it off to MH as well.

  3. Post link to stickers for me in Englamd