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Islamists In Canada - and MSM Cover-up

 Toronto Sun, this article is not disclosing the full facts, leading up to the demise of Amr Kassam in Alexandria, Egypt on August, 16, 2013. (But, Michael Coren and Tarek Fatah of SunMedia television get high praise for exposing this jihadist and the muslima for who they were. Link at bottom of post). This story features his widow ~ and her involvement in Islamic school curriculum in Canada.

Egypt worked at AlMaghrib Islamic school

BY TERRY DAVIDSON ,TORONTO SUN - September, 7, 2013 (Updated from August 20, 2013)

Asmaa Hussein

TORONTO - The wife of a Muslim man killed while protesting in Egypt was once a senior administrator at an Islamic school that employs radical instructors and is linked to former students jailed as terrorists.
Asmaa Hussein, 27, wife of Amr Kassem, was once a co-director of the Toronto chapter of the AlMaghrib Institute, a Houston-based school that teaches its young students a conservative form of Islam at locations throughout North America.
Her husband, 26-year-old Kassem, was shot dead during a protest on Friday in the Egyptian city of Alexandria.
He and Hussien, both of Toronto — and parents to a 9-month-old girl — had reportedly been visiting relatives in Egypt. The country has been a hotbed of unrest since its Muslim Brotherhood-based government was ousted and replaced by a military leadership.
The AlMaghrib Institute boasts on its website a handful of instructors, including Abdullah Hakim Quick and Yasir Qadhi. Quick, a former Toronto-based lecturer, once proclaimed the Islamic position on homosexuality is “death,” while Qadhi — a controversial cleric in the U.S. — referred to the Jewish Holocaust as a propaganda-based “hoax”.
The school in 2008 also reportedly gave a two-week seminar in Houston to a group of students that included Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a former student of Qadhi’s who now sits in a U.S. jail for plotting to down an American airliner with an explosive sewn into his underwear.
And according to a New York Times story from March 2011, the AlMaghrib Institute once schooled a New Hampshire convert who was convicted in 2007 of training with al-Qaida-ffiliated group in Somalia, as well as a 28-year-old who was arrested for planning an attack on Americans.
According to Hussein’s LinkedIn page, she was a co-director at AlMaghrib in Toronto from August 2009 to May 2011. The AlMaghrib Facebook page has a posting about Kassem’s death, as well as a link to a website accepting donations for Hussein and her family following the 26-year-old's killing in Egypt.
Messages left for the AlMeghrib Institute were not returned.
The story of Kassem’s death broke on Saturday, with the media reporting Kassem — a peaceful man not affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood — attended the demonstration to protest the recent killing of demonstrators in Cairo during a military crackdown.
Hussein and other mourners were reportedly attacked with rocks following Kassem’s funeral in Egypt. 
Here are some facts on the Dear Ole Hubby:

He was shot while fighting with the Muslim Brotherhood. He favoured Sharia Law (as he posted on his Face-book page. He favoured a far harsher approach to Islamic Purism, as adhered to within Salafism. He was no "moderate" and was over there to fight democracy.

Amr Kassem was no innocent bystander. He was shot while rioting with his Muslim Brotherhood brethren. His wife helped run the Toronto Branch of the AlMaghrib Institute, which has a long association with Muslim terrorism and is more commonly known as Jihad U. 

From their fund raising page set up by the AlMaghrib Institute: "Many of those involved in da'wah will know sister Asmaa Hussein, the former Ameerah of Qabeelat Majd (our Toronto chapter) and someone who has been active on the Toronto da'wah scene before moving to Egypt with her husband Amr Kassem." Note she wasn't visiting Egypt as reported - she had moved there. 

AlMaghrib Institute: Sharia for Egypt and the West

Two More Terrorists Traced Back to 'Jihad U.'

More on the AlMaghrib Institute - Jihad U ` "The organization's Wahhabi-influenced extremism, rabid anti-Semitism and Holocaust denials, and militaristic preaching of jihad even have other Muslims expressing concern about the radicalizing effect of Al-Maghrib's preaching and programs."

Imported Jihadism, pure and simple.

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