Sunday, September 1, 2013

Help A Veteran ~ We Owe a Debt of Gratitude

We have got to remember that our Vets fight every day for us. And, they are battling the Islamic Scourge today. Our Soldiers fight for us, for our protection, for our right to exist in a safe environment in the West.

They serve because it is a Calling. It is personal sacrifice and they never selfishly ask for anything beyond a recognition of dignity...

I am sharing with you a story of a Soldier. But, this is personal to me. Eric is a Friend. (I normally do not use my Blog to share such personal pursuits, but I want you to know how shabbily our Enlisted are treated by the government ~ and within their personal lives ~ when they come home.

This is just ONE story of THOUSANDS...


My name is Eric T. I live in Clarksville TN   

 I started off in the Army Reserve from 1982 till 1986. Then in 1987 went into the Army's active duty side till 2001. I was in various elements of the Army's special operations commands for 9 of my 14 yrs on active duty. I was able to most of the world and a few hot spots including Desert Storm,Somalia and the Balkins. Just to name a few I was never prouder then serving with my Brothers-In-Arms.

 After getting a reduction in force forced on me in 2001 I went to work for a sub contracting service. I went to work there for nearly 8 yrs when the flood hit us in 2010 destroying my place of business.In Dec of 2012 I was in between jobs when my wife left with my sons and have not seen any of them since Christmas Day.

Eric and a Loyal Best Friend (Jinxies is around there somewhere!)
One has extreme ADHD and the other has Autism spectrum disorder.Upon leaving she took our only means of transportation.drained the bank account and took all necessary records ( birth cert, mortgage records social security cards etc..) with her. Without a court order she has left with my 2 boys and I have not heard anything from them since except for a letter from my son from while he was at school seems to have possibly come from Ohio.She has 2 felony drug indictments against her and somehow got them reduced to misdemeanours.  

Prior to this I was trying to get my VA  percentage increased from 10% for a gunshot wound to my hip Plus problems with both knees both ankles and left shoulder. Originally I was told I had to wait 5 yrs before I could have it adjusted but since then it has either been denied or lost in the shuffle.I have spent most of my time trying to figure out how to get my sons back and have found out how jilted the system can be although I have no income I don't qualify for food stamps, unemployment, or any other state or federal funds. 

I can't even get help from the legal aid society. I have been looking for work by going to the library to use there computers I am enrolled in various non-profits including Salvation Army,St Vincent De'Paul and Goodwill.

 I am now 50 and it is getting harder to find employment but refuse to give up. My house has been foreclosed on and have 2 weeks to find a new place or be on the streets.This is a little about me and my struggles I am asking for a little help UP to get my life going back in the upward direction anything will help.

 I hope you all can help me during my tough time I just want to work find my boys and have some kind of stability for them. 

(This is Allison from Unforgotten Heroes ~  we have launched this campaign to help Our Hero Eric. Please, if you can help Eric with a job or funds anything will help. Here is a link to one of Eric's shows. It was taped right around the time his wife took his kids ...)


  1. that's awesome kel good job :) this is Allison thank you for the help on getting the word out about Eric you are a true patriot

  2. Allison, my absolute pleasure!! It got a lot of response, too. Eric is a good Man and you are a True Friend for all you do, not just for Eric, but all the Troops out there.

    I have nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for you!!