Friday, July 26, 2013

Honour Killing in Toronto, Ontario

Toddler cries for slain mother stabbed to death in Ajax home ~ By:  GTA, Published on Wed Jul 24 2013, Toronto Star

Every night, little Yasin Wafa scurries over to his grandparents’ front door, hoping his mom will be picking him up as she used to.
Yasin Wafa, 17 months, is the son of the dead woman and her husband, who is charged in her fatal stabbing.For the past week, she hasn’t come. Nasira Fazli, 31, was brutally stabbed dead last Friday in her Ajax home.
Her husband, Feraidon Mohammad Imbrahem, 31, is charged with second-degree murder. He was arrested without incident Friday at their home and was remanded into custody Saturday. He will return to court Aug. 6.
Nasira Fazli was the rock of her family. She bought a house for her parents and siblings, with whom she lived. A Canadian citizen who emigrated from Afghanistan 24 years ago, she wed Imbrahem nearly three years ago in her home country.
It was an arranged match, but she knew him well, as did her mother. She returned to Canada pregnant, gave birth to Yasin, their only child, and sponsored Imbrahem to join her about four months ago.
Nasira Fazli worked in customer service at American Express and dreamed of starting a happy family, but cracks emerged in the marriage when she and Imbrahem got their own place, the Fazli family says.
“He was so demanding,” says Sharipa Fazli, lowering her voice to a whisper as she expresses the fears her family had. “He was stubborn. It was his way or the highway.”
About a month ago, Sharipa Fazli alleges, Imbrahem threatened her sister after an argument over caring for Yasin.
“He wasn’t adjusting well to life here,” she says. “Back home, he was a doctor, and here he was nothing.”
“She didn’t want to ruin his reputation,” says Sharipa Fazli
Sharipa Fazli, shaking her head, says her sister suffered so many stab wounds that from her waist up, “there was no body.”
 (The joys of immigration and multiculturalism...)
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