Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This is Great! (h/t to Sharia Unveiled)

You Might be a Hypocrite If... 

By Schuyler Montague                                           (Thank you, John S. of IAW)

1.  You profess to be a Christian, but you speak against Israel or the Jewish People.

- Remember:  Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was, is and will always be a Jewish Rabbi from Israel.  (Not a Christian Pastor from Fort Lauderdale.)

2.  You profess to be a supporter of women's rights, but you defend those who deprive girls equal access to education.

3.  You profess to be a "House of the Lord", but you share it with those who worship a "False Prophet and False God." 

4.  You profess to be a person of tolerance, but your tolerance is for the perpetrator of the crime, not the victim.

5.  You profess to be against military aggression when its carried out by the United States or Israel, but you support it when it's carried out by the Palestinians.

6.  You profess to be a "Man of the Cloth", but your cloth is cut from a burqa.

7.  You profess to be against the violence of women, but you defend those who stone and honor kill women.

8.  You profess to believe in Freedom of Speech when it applies to you, but you seek to silence others with opposing views.

9.  You profess to love your country, but you seek to undermine the foundations from which it was built.

10. You profess to be a "Religion of Peace", but your actions speak louder than your words.  

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