Riots in Stockholm
Community improvement
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (The Daily Strawberry) – Burning cars, vandalising buildings and attacking police and firefighters helps improve the lives of immigrant youths from the Middle East, West Asia and Africa, a Swedish study finds.
Researchers from the University of Stockholm compared urban areas with riots and violence with calm areas where nothing happened, and found that areas with major disturbances were an average of 34.7% better off on social and economic indicators.
“There is nothing to improve a community like violence and vandalism,” Professor of Sociology Gunnar Helstrom said. “Unrest makes property values go up, new businesses will open and the area is lifted by a new, powerful optimism as it becomes a cool, attractive place to live. Unemployment falls and everyone gets along wonderfully.”
University professor
Professor Helstrom
Immigrant youths in Sweden have copied their brothers in France and learned how to set a trap for police and firefighters, throwing rocks at them when they arrive to deal with fires the youths themselves lit, the study says.
The youths have also learned to maintain a zero-tolerance policy with the police, such as immediately rioting if a resident is arrested for a minor crime like drunk driving, thereby maintaining the area as lawless.
“We have a lot to learn from the French banlieues,” Helstrom said. “The French are vandalism leaders in Europe with 50,000 cars burned every year,” Helstrom said. “Compared to the French suburbs, Sweden still has a lot to learn.”
To speed up development of Swedish riots, Helstrom suggested that immigration from trouble-prone countries to the south and southeast of Europe be increased. “The native Swedes are too timid,” Helstrom said. “To reach the point where riots become self-sustained and forever escalating we need more immigrants with experience in messing up their own countries, which makes them more skilled at messing up our country too.”
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