Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Soldiers Denied a Decent Meal

I find this absolutely unacceptable and you should, too. These Men and Women of the Military are not out there because fighting tyranny is a hobby. This is serious business in which they are engaging, and to deny them a decent package (in this case ~ a diet)  in their signed commitment to protect us should include proper fortifications in all aspects.

Two meals a day... due to austerity measures ~  and the one meal consists of cold-cuts.

Meanwhile, we have detainees ~ who desire nothing more than to kill us ~ enjoying three hot squares, a warm cot, soccer fields, and religious material delivered via cotton gloves. 

Whose side are we on anyway?

Larry Lease - June 2, 2013 (Maryland Conservative)

I recently learned that the Marines in Camp Leatherneck will lose hot meals provided to those that the marines enjoy after or before their midnight to noon shifts. The result of this cutback is being forced to eat MRE’s. This meal time allows the marines to be together; that hardly happens.

This move has become a major hit on morale. Serveral Marines are angred over the loss of a hot meal. I personally believe they should be entitled to a hot meal. A hot meal is as close as these guys get to meals they would eat at home at their dinner table with their family. Can we at least give them that.

The reason behind this move is due to the drawback of troops. 30,000 troops will leave Afghanistan within the coming months. The reason for ending the hot meals is to allow the food workers to go home before the security is transferred over to the Afghanistan people. However giving them MRE’s is a spit in their face. 

MRE’s are what you use in an emergency, when you are shot down over enemy lines. There is a Facebook group that is collecting donations that will be mailed to troops around Afghanistan called“Breakfast For Bagram”. The page states: “We are here to help collect and send non-perishable breakfast type foods to the deployed troops on the 17 bases in Afghanistan that are not currently serving breakfast ‘hot chow’ and Midnight chow due to the budget cuts.” They also lose the social camaraderie that they enjoy when they people coming off shift and starting their shift have together.

I do believe this also is happening mainly because of budget cuts. However if they want to shrink their budgets there are ways of doing that, that won’t decrease morale in a war that has gone on for far too long. How about decrease spending in other departments; does the Department of Education really need the latest and greatest computers; I don’t think so. We are supposed to support the troops, not spit in their face. Let’s support them and allow them to enjoy their hot meals.