Sunday, June 16, 2013

Halal Products Being Sold to Unwitting Canadians

...and everywhere. Please check the labels on the products you are purchasing in your supermarket/grocers. Many people are not aware that Halal preparation is done under the dictates (and Islamic Prayer) of an Imam. We have a right to know as to whether or not we are consuming products blessed from the Koran.

(Also note, this is the same book where Prayers are recited when Infidels such as Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, and most recently, Lee Rigby, are slaughtered...)

It is called "Halalification" and it it being snuck onto our shelves, our restaurants, and rendering plants. Be aware, be educated. Also note, Halal labelling is only done under the request of the purveyor, so demand your eatery demand labelling.



376822_442638932433264_1195593982_n-e1371233385417Click here to see the barbarism of HALAL SLAUGHTER

A comprehensive list of Halal products:

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