Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Great" Britain Subcomes to Sharia

Yes, it did and I feel the Great Country that gave us the Magna Carta will be gone within a decade at this rate. The government will not control the Islamic enroachment of foreigners who set precedent within its own Boarders and refuse to prosecute home-growns like Ajem Chaudary who is encouraging a Caliphate (Chaudary, who is 47, is a little too old to fit the profile of a Jihadists, but is proof positive in that there is no age bracket...)

History is repeating itself because lessons were forgotten. Defeating the Ottoman Empire should have been enough of this, but we didn't heed that lesson. It gave rise to the Muslim Brotherhood, that I refer as being the Terrorists in Business Suits, and enjoy the status of moderation in the echelons of our Western governments.

When one speaks out against this Islamic Scourge, one may be carted forth towards Tribunals at worst, or accused of "strong language" at best. Never mind publicizing it ~ That DEFINITELY gets you tossed in front of Tribunals.

Pamela Geller and Robert SpencerIn the UK, we saw the latest example of opposing views of Islam shut down when Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer received written letters from UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, denying them both entry ~ citing fears of incitement. Who would be "incited?" ( I'm preaching to the Choir here...)

Islam in the UK - GENERATION JIHAD (Parts One, Two, and Three)


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