Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Woolwich: We Are At War"

Yes, we are... I have no other way to say it. The latest Islamic atrocity in the UK should be heeded, as  ...we...are...

Now, it is time to remove the balaclavas and take off the gloves and let Islamists know that we are dead serious in taking up their challenge of the war Islam has waged against us, and work stronger as a cohesive to put it straight, make it straight, keep it straight.

Politicians, progressive, and those engaged in dhimmitude, we have had it. We are not laying down any longer and we will not listen to the platitudes in that Islam is a Religion of Peace any longer either. Time to act and end this. We will win in this latest Crusade and make it the final one.

Woolwich: We Are At War

The Poster Boy 
The terrible events in Woolwich today were a reminder of something very few are willing to accept: we are at war.
Despite what Islamic extremists may claim, this war is not being waged against all Muslims.
However they may feel about British foreign policy or perceived injustices towards Muslim peoples around the world, most British Muslims accept this simple fact.
But many don’t. They see oppression where there is none and they respond not with reason or argument, but with violence.
‘Why?’ is a dangerous question, but it’s one we must ask.
And where we find fault, criticisms must be made.
We must criticise the Muslim community’s failure to deal with the extremists in their midst.
We must criticise the self-segregation of certain sections of the Muslim community.
And we must continue to campaign in favour of reform and against the continued spread of extremism.
This is as much a war on Muslims as criticising government policy is an attack on democracy.
It may not always be easy to define ‘the enemy’, but whoever or whatever it is we are fighting, one thing is certain: you can’t escape it.
The soldier who was so savagely killed today did not ask to be involved in this war.
Like the vast majority of the brave men and women who make up our armed forces, he would have been motivated by a sense of duty and a need to help defend his country and its people.
His murderer's actions are incomparable.
He didn’t act in the defence of Islam, because it is not Islam that is under attack.
George Bush had his war on terror, David Cameron speaks about ‘Islamist extremism’ and our newspapers do all they can to avoid using ‘the I word’.
Not only are we not at war with Islam, but our politicians and the media are doing everything they can to make it clear that they don’t want to be at war with Islam.
Unfortunately, none of this changes the sad fact that many of Islam’s followers are at war with us.
In fact, Islam has been at war with its neighbours since its inception.
The Qur'an itself tells us how Mohammed butchered those who stood in his way.
This is why it makes so little sense to blame government policy, Western culture or even anti-extremism groups like the EDL for Islamic extremism.
But within the next few days that’s exactly what we’ll read in the newspapers.
Some people like to believe that if ‘the right people’ were in power Islamic extremism would simply go away.
Some claim that being a soldier puts you in the line of fire, whether you are in uniform or not.
And some believe that campaigning against Islamic extremism will just make matters worse.
They’re all wrong.
The victims deserve the truth.
We don’t like to admit it, we don’t want it to be true – and that’s absolutely fine.
In fact, it’s what sets us apart from the fanatics: from those who believe their religion teaches them to kill, oppress and terrorise.
But it doesn’t change the simple fact: we are at war.
We need to clamp down on extremist preachers and the mosques that continue to host them.
We need to kick the extremists off our streets and out of our country.
Quite simply, we need to cut out the cancer that is Islamic extremism.
This is a war in defence of our culture, our rights, our freedom and our country.
It’s about time our government began to act like it.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family

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