Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sad Visceral ~ Kel Fritzi

(This has nothing to do with Islam, but it is just a writing sample)

I wrote this nearly three years ago and have noticed how quickly things can change...

Sad Visceral

by Kel Fritzi, Tuesday, 24 August 2010
We all are aware of couples in the Hollywood lexicon breaking up, and the publicists spin the proverbial "irreconcilable differences."  Which can usually mean anything from incapability to indiscretions.  I think we are also usually dismissive of such break-downs and forget about them in short manner.  After all, the phrase is so overused as to lose our attention span as quickly as a Hollywood marriage itself.

But what about "grievous differences?"  As the world was...apprised... of a matrimonial finalization between yet another famous couple this week, that was the legalese used on public record, as stated by the Plaintiff.

This made me ponder about this "legalese."  I was struck by the wording in that this made me feel so raw, bare, forlorn, and alone. I've never experienced such personal loss nor faith in a marriage that obviously went so wrong.  I cannot imagine sitting alone in misery over betrayal, so bereft that I could barely eat.  

I cannot imagine the multitude of mundane tasks such as simple chores nor the champion ones like being an anchor for one's children to endure day after day.  Meanwhile, that word on paper is to live like a cancer, a reminder of how one vested their life...  grievous...  How they hoped, only to find...  grievousness...  

The end of a marriage is to grieve. I laud people who have the fortitude to share that.  

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