Saturday, May 25, 2013

Multiculturalism Doesn't Work

...And I agree with Ezra Levant and the headline accompanying his article. Living in Canada, I am subjected to Official Multiculturalism introduced by both the Conservative and Liberal governments, suggested in the late 1970s and officiated in the 1980s, and I am expected to respect this policy. I was too young to understand what affectations this would entail, but I remember my Father saying, "There goes Canada..."

At first, it seemed to work well, but slowly Canada witnessed subtle changes... The allowance of turbans to be worn as part of the Uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ~ which was a mouthful, but still benign. Then, we started to experience the wonders of learning about other cultures within our education systems, which was rather interesting and this also entailed an easy elective credit.

Then, we started seeing officiated political organizations which were ethnic-based and designed to protect and promote the virtues of any said sub-group within wider society. Also, well...okaaaay... 

...then came Islam...

A lot of Moslems, in their exodus to the West, created whole new issues surrounding socioreligious dynamics, special accommodation, dress, and sharia demands. Not to mention challenges around freedom of expression (ask Ezra Levant about that...) Now, we are confronted with hijabs, sharia challenges, lesser punitive sentences based on religion and "culture," plus the myriad of foreign political  "revolutions" being carried forth into the Host Country. Note as well the perceived grievances carried forth which cumulate into events such as 9/11 and the slaughter of hapless British Soldiers in the streets of London. 

A blending of cultures can be a wonderful experience, an enrichment to relish, but when these "cultures" are determined to over-ride that of the country which has established values, creeds, laws, and virtues then the outcome is only to be concluded in disaster. 

The United Kingdom and Europe in general is at a critical mass and if we do not take heed to what we are witnessing, we will only have ourselves to blame. Personally, I do not want an Islamic State for my children and I trust you do not either.. I do not want my public institutions blown to Hades due to a group of  so-called dissidents who are self-victimized by their own choosing. Islam will not reform until Islam truly works towards a true renaissance and casts off the strictures of the seventh century and is willing to join the 21st.


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