Monday, December 30, 2013

Defeating islamic Supremacy

How do we defeat it? With words and wisdom. And if necessary, by sword. Don't leave the fate of our  progeny in the hands of the islamists....

The spread of Islamic supremacy must be opposed if Western Civilization is to survive, for built into the cosmology of Islamic supremacy is the intolerance of all that is non-Islamic. 

The Muslims who perpetuate this striving for global dominance are a very gifted and determined people. Theirs is a toughness and masculinity not well understood in the typical Western mindset which has been emasculated by politically correct thinking.

This underlines how the Islamic supremacists are aided, purposefully or not, by the exceedingly liberal mentality of the West, which errantly believes the Islamic supremacists can somehow be appeased or made unnaturally docile as Westerners have largely been.

Therefore, the struggle against Islamic supremacy is a two front war: On the one hand exists the military struggle, and on the other exists the cultural struggle. While the West is prepared for the military struggle, it is tragically unprepared for the cultural struggle.

What has so weakened the West to the point of unnatural docility is the attitude of submissiveness propagated by a media-driven consumerist mindset in which the beholder has been programmed to think of themselves as a hapless drone of materialist masters.

This has destroyed the idealistic qualities needed to bolster the morale of a people under siege by a capable and determined opponent. The undermining of so-called tribal concerns has left Westerners in a malaise of self-worth, with no true identity or values to defend.

No doubt the leftist social engineers who engendered this state of being were driven by genuine benevolence, and their work has wrought some lasting and positive benefits. They have instilled in us the very tolerance which Islamic supremacy would destroy.

However, for the sake of cultural survival, we must now shift our emphasis to the other leg, so to speak, forwarding our newly-found identity of tolerance with an iron will against those who are intolerant of all who do not share the singular focus of their cosmology.

The very notion of tolerance which we carry forward demands that we be respectful of Islamic prophets, and of freely-chosen Islamic traditions, yet is also demands that we unconditionally oppose the encroachment of Islamic supremacy on Western soil.

In order to effectively oppose the spread of Islamic supremacy in the West, lingering historical animosities of former foes must be set aside for the sake of mutual survival. If we do not set aside the past for the sake of the present, then we will have no future.

Central to this concern is the Jewish issue. Many are those who blame the Jews for all imaginable misgivings, predominant of which is an alleged scheme of Jewish world dominance, in which all Jews are somehow secretly working together.

I ask you this: If the Jews were controlling world affairs would Europe quickly be becoming an Islamic super state? Would the President of the United States be undermining Israel with his every move? The answer to both is a resounding NO.

While there may be some Jewish influence at play among the globally powerful whose obsession with finance has blinded them to the destructive onslaught of Islamic supremacy, they are in no way representative of the concerns of the Israeli nationalists.

The Israelis who seek to forge their own national identity, free from the encroachment of Islamic supremacy, are fellow travelers in the orbit shared by Europeans, Americans, and others of the same concern, and, as such, must be treated with full camaraderie.

Likewise, whatever supporters of Israel exist within international leftist concerns, must come to realize that the survival of the West and Israel are inextricably linked, and that the utilitarian demands of this historical hour preclude the disablement of potential allies.

If all who oppose Islamic supremacy do not have the intelligence, foresight, and good will to accommodate fellow travelers, then it will be their chosen destiny to forevermore perish from the face of the earth. Islamic supremacy takes no prisoners. It is all or nothing.

There is nothing weak, or inferior, or hesitating about the Islamic supremacists. They are a robust and massive enemy. They will never settle for anything less than total dominance. Theirs is an ancient cause, and one which they believe is divinely inspired.

If we are to defeat this Foe of Foes, then all of us must be willing to set aside personal and historical animosities for the common good. Otherwise, Western Civilization will be but a tiny footnote in some distant historical journal written with an Islamic hand.

~ Courtesy of bootlegger south, You Tube.

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