Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Restore Australia Shares Insights on Former EDL Leader, Tommy Robinson

Written by Mike Holt of Restore Australia
October 9, 2013

Mike Holt - CEO RestoreAustralia
Mike Holt
The abdication of the founders of the EDL to that muslim group (The Quilliam Foundation) just underlines what I have been saying all along. If we descend to the same level as the mozzies and try to fight them with violence we are no better than them, and we will be infected with their madness. We have seen that at the EDL marches. When a mob gets violent it just escalates and things get out of hand. So I can understand Tommy and Kev resigning....although I don't condone it...and I am especially appalled that they have gone over to a group founded by muslims.
This is a complex situation. Tommy has obviously had enough of being a target for the police and muslim hatred. But he should not have resigned. Instead, he should have been a stronger leader and channeled his followers to get them to use the law to confront the muslims.
We see the muslims in the UK not only imposing their culture on the Brits, but we see them breaking the law of the land time and again. Tommy should have worked with the police to strengthen their application of the law. Not through violence, but by working smarter than the muslims.
We have to do the same thing here, and that is why I keep encouraging you all to write letters to our politicians, to boycott companies that pander to the muslims, to plaster the stickers all over the place to help raise awareness of the danger of halal food.
We cannot use violence. We all saw what happened at Cronulla. It wasn't a pretty sight; innocent people got beaten up....muslims....but still innocent.
We need to be smarter than the jihadists....and we also need to understand and acknowledge that not all muslims are jihadists. However, it's difficult to know who is dangerous and who is not....and we all understand that even the most passive muslim can be turned violent by peer pressure if ordered to by an imam. So we are never going to be safe here until we resolve this problem.
The way I see it, we have no choice. The jihadists have declared war on us, so we must treat all muslims in Australia as a danger.
The answer is obvious....we cannot allow islam to flourish here. But the problem is that we lack strong leadership willing to take the legal action needed to ban islam, or at least to pull its teeth and apply the existing laws we have as strongly as possible. We cannot afford to let anyone who breaks our laws to get away with it.
But how do we do that?
The answer is what I have always been saying. We need to change the SYSTEM that has brought us to this dangerous period in our history.
WE the People need to have the right to influence our representatives directly. WE the People cannot stand by and let them destroy our freedoms and take away our rights under the guise of making us "safe". The more power we give to the politicians the LESS safe we will be.
The only way we can achieve control over our government system is to put the power into the hands of the people to INITIATE referendums. With that power we can unite and work to amend the constitution to bring it up to date and in line with our aspirations as a nation.
This will not be easy. But if we all just sit back and say, "She'll be right mate", we will LOSE our freedom, our democracy, and our nation.
The problem we face at the moment is that all of us here are preaching to the converted.
We must get the word out to the vast majority of Aussies that we have the answers to the problems we face. And that answer is to push for the right to initiate referendums, and to amend our Constitution. Anything less is doomed to fail.
Are you willing to get out there and talk to people? Are you willing to join the Unity Congresses we are organizing? Are you willing to help organize a Congress in your area?
So far, I have a firm commitment from people in Sydney, Woolongong, eastern Victoria, Perth, Townsville, and of course here on the Sunshine Coast.
So we need people willing to ACT AND CONTRIBUTE in as many other areas of our nation as possible. These Unity Congresses must be organized by the people....and you are the people. This must be a people's initiative....and now it's time for you to act.
Register your interest here and tell us if you would like to attend, or if you are willing to do more and help us organize a Congress in your area.

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