Monday, October 7, 2013

Restore Australia Receives a Threat from The "Religion of Peace"

I'm sorry but....BWAAA HAHAHA.  Like, our Esteemed Mike Holt is going to cringe and hide from this Shahid wannabe? Bring it on, little boy...

Another Death Threat

The muslims in Australia are just as infected badly by their brainwashing as any jihadist in Saudia Arabia or Syria. This is the type of person we have let into our nation without any background checks. Read the following “discussion” with a young 23 year old university student from Sydney….so stupid he has even given me his home address as a challenge to the police….a challenge I am taking up with the police. He is not the first to threaten me. And like the others, he will be investigated and action will be taken.
Delah Gomasi
"BLOW UP, I mean blow out the candles, Sweetie"

These threats just mean that I am hitting a nerve….one that they can never stop until they learn what ‘humanity’ means. They must stop their violence in the name of their religion, or there will just be more trouble in Australia and around the world.The conversation started when he posted a message telling me to stop trying to put an end to halal certification of our food. I decided to start out with a strong message…the reason will become obvious the further down you read.

  • Conversation started Wednesday
  • Mike Holt

    Hey Delah….get your filthy illegal tax off OUR FOOD!
    Halal food certificaton funds terrorism
    Halal food certificaton funds terrorism

    STOP HALAL CERTIFICATION Plaster the anti-Halal stickers everywhere and help educate Aussies about the creeping attack on our food supply. Get the word out on the street. Stick these striking stickers on shop windows, shop shelves, bus stops, on community noticeboards, in shops, outside shops, on b…
  • Saturday
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    whos food you fuck, we’re just as australian as you. fuck off
    ignorant fuck
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    Sahih International Indeed, those who disbelieve – it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them – they will not believe. 2:7 to top
    Sahih International Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    btw, i’ve just had a thorough look at your profile, you are easily the most ignorant person i have ever come across, you surely must’ve finished school prior to the commencement of highschool, as that is what your rhetoric shows.
    Please take the time to read the Quran in full in addition to the bible and you will see the similarities. Please understand the context and i hope you are able to change your foolish opinion.
    Halal certification with regards to food is no different to Kosher certification. It doesn’t support terrorism, there is no tax that one has to pay for such produce. The media is using fear tactics on you, this is as much my country as it is yours and i am just as Australian as you are. Judging from your intellect, maybe even more so. I do apologize for my shortcomings and my initial rudeness. I hope this finds you in understanding.
  • Saturday
  • Mike Holt

    First, Delah, do you think reading my website gives you an insight into my life? Putting aside my education…which you know nothing about…I have lived in muslim countries since I was a young teenager. I went to high school in Penang, and had muslim friends.
    You assume I have not read the koran. Why? You don’t know what I have and have not done. I actually got my copy of the koran from the Pakistani Embassy in Bangkok in 1986. I have read it from cover to cover and it sickened me. It is obvious Mo plagiarized it from the bible and many other ‘holy books’. The similarities are obvious to any student.
    But what sickened me were the constant exhortations to kill the Jews and Kill the infidels. Go ahead are read your infernal book and tell me it doesn’t say that. Do you think that is the normal behaviour for human beings?
    I don’t listen to the media. I do my research. And I see what is going on around the world….I am in touch with many people everywhere who tell me what is going on. And as I have lived and traveled in muslim counries, including Indonesia, Malaysia and even southern Philippines, I have seen first hand the death and destruction that continues in those countries because people believe in islam. So don’t you dare try and tell me I know nothing. This video is just one of hundreds of atrocities that have occurred in the last 30 days around the world due to islam:
    Number of College Students Murdered by Muslims Rises to 65 – Atlas Shrugs
    Murdered in their beds. Last weekend, e devout Muslim group, Boko Haram, gunned down dozens of students as they slept in dormitories, and torched classrooms. Boko Haram means “Western education is sinful” or literally, “Books bad.” Well over 12,000 Christians have been slaughtered by Muslims in Nige…
  • Mike Holt

    As for halal certification, don’t you understand that YOU are paying more at the supermarket too because a few opportunistic muslims have set up companies and they are charging companies to certify OUR FOOD halal. Yes, YOU are paying too…and what do you get out of all that money? It’s a 2 TRILLION dollar business worldwide and islam is using it as a tool to impose sharia law on us infidels. Well, I’ve got news for you mate….we will NEVER submit to your crappy religion. Watch this video to find out more about halal certification:
    You’d better tell your mates that too…and remind them that we far outnumber muslims here in Australia and we will not put up with any crap from you. Start another riot anywhere in OUR NATION and we will crush you. We don’t want islam in our country. It’s totally alien to our way of life.
    Just look at your own daughter. You wrap her up and control her. We don’t do that to our women. I don’t know you, but I’m sure you do the same to your wife too. Your culture is alien to us and we will never accept it.

    Understanding Halal Certification Schemes (Part 1 – 12 complete)

    Please note this is not about halal food. Q Society’s spokesman Andrew Horwood points out: “Halal food itself is not of concern. Nearly all our food is natur…
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    Hi Mike, it seems as though you’re using your hatred of Islam and your website as a front to spew your racist views. There is a disease in your heart and that is racism, notions of totalitarianism and nationalism.
    You judge the actions of so-called muslims and use it for your prejudice against Islam. Allah commands the believers not to commit transgressions, nor injustices, which makes your claims null and void. Verses must be taken in their context, if you have read the Quran, you certainly haven’t listened to it’s eloquence, nor the context in which verses were revealed. In regards to
    You use the media as a means of forming your views, which is certainly shown through your website. You do not even know what Bismillah means. Please spare me the bs.
    Since you are the one making the claims, rules of rhetoric state you must provide proof, where it states that Islam endorses such atrocities. Please provide me relevant verses in full (not just one snippet) and their relevant tafseer (context in which the verse was revealed to our prophet peace and blessings be upon him, by the angel Gabriel).
    Allah has made me as a muslim to be sure i buy meat that has been slaughtered in his name, i care not to pay a premium price. The money does not go to terrorist organizations, which all muslims will happily go against. (including and not limited to, boko al haram, al-shabab, al qaeda and any other organizations supposedly fighting wars under the name of Islam to further their geo-politcal goals)
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    You have a university degree? Yet you claim, you know of Sharia Law, what is Sharia Law? Who would want to impose it in a country with a majority of non-muslims? Please, this rhetoric further denotes your ignorance.
    Good for you, that’s to your detriment, every soul shall taste death and you will be punished for your chastisement and misbelief. Especially your spreading of.
    Do you think you will live forever?
    That’s my wife buddy, and i haven’t wrapped her up in anything, she chooses to wear such attire, if she didn’t want to it would be her choice also.
  • Mike Holt

    No….but I also don’t believe we live after we die. There is no proof for that and it’s just a stupid idea that religion makes weak minded people who are afraid of death believe in to soothe their minds.
    That’s your wife? How old is she?
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    We muslims, don’t pimp our women, like you enjoy doing.
    please respond to my rebuttal with adequate sources, thanks Mike.
    i look forward to your response.
  • Mike Holt

    What an idiot you are. Why do you think we pimp our women? Who told you that rubbish? You are obviously the ignorant one.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    There is no proof we live after we die, ok. Because we aren’t able to die and come back, obvious, logic is obvious.
    yes, Mike. You allow your daughters and wives to get drunk with men who are not their family members, you allow them to reveal their bodies for the world to see in the name of commercialism and capitalism.
    Our women are diamonds, we respect them and cherish them. They choose to cover themselves out of love for their creator. Don’t be so ridiculous to think, i would force that on anyone. Please your rebuttal!
    thanks Mike.
  • Mike Holt

    Exactly, so why would you believe in the empty promises of men who just want to control every aspect of your lives? Take this conversation to my page please. I want everyone to have an opportunity to respond. You will not be attacked but you might actually learn how silly your arguments are.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    No, just you Mike. Please your rebuttal to my first response.
    Its a civil discussion where we are both able to have objective conversation.
    May Allah soften your heart.
  • Mike Holt

    Delah, I don’t have the time or inclination to stay here and argue with you. If you live in Australia you had better live like an Australian. If you want to treat your women like 2nd class animals go back where you came from. We are sickened when we see your behaviour.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    I don’t that’s the thing?
    I don’t want to drink and disrespect my women, i enjoy my fulfilling culture.
  • Mike Holt

    Then go live in a muslim country! We don’t want you here.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    You refuse to rebutt my claims, yet you claim your a scholar, proves your ignorance.
    Your credibility flew out the window.
    So you agree you disrespect your women
    Thanks mike, all i’ve needed.
    Rebut my response to your argument or forever remain a pompous ignorant. Your website is disgusting and you are a racist pig.
  • Mike Holt

    Read your koran Delah. It’s all in there. I’m not going to waste my time trying to open your eyes.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    I’ve read it, hence why i am trying to make light of your claims, because everything in the Quran states the contrary!
    So please! he who is so knowledgeable in Islam, educate me!
    Are you afraid if you read it, you may love the Quran and ultimately Allah?
    I give you permission to post my response on your page, get some of your followers to rebut me then?
  • Mike Holt

    Delah. I am not going to start looking through the koran now. Go do your own research. But more importantly, look at the world today. Everywhere muslims go that bring nothing but trouble….but it’s about to turn back on you all. We in the west know what you are up to and we are mobilizing to defeat you. Your own imams have declared that we are at war. So if that’s what you want don’t be surprised when we finally hit back. The riots in Sydney last year were nothing. So you’d better warn your mates to pull their heads in and become true Aussies. If not and you start trouble, we will finish it.
  • Today
  • Mike Holt

    I blocked you because I was too busy to be bothered answering you….but if you want to use Taqqiya on me you’d better be able to back it up with FACTS. Here’s some for you. This is just one of the suras that urges you muslims to kill us. Now, go ahead and deny this isn’t in your infernal book if you can:
    The Verse of the Sword: Sura 9:5 and Jihad
    One of the most frequently quoted Quranic verses is chapter 9 verse 5. This verse is known as “The Verse of the Sword.” Muslim terrorists cite it to justify their violent jihad. Correspondingly, critics of Islam claim that it commands Muslims to act with offensive aggression towards the non-Muslims…
  • Mike Holt

    Surat Al-Baqarah [2:191] – The Noble Qur’an – القرآن الكريم
    Surat Al-Baqarah [verse 191] – And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the…
  • Mike Holt

    Surat Al-’Anfal [8:39] – The Noble Qur’an – القرآن الكريم
    Surat Al-’Anfal [verse 39] – And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah . And if they cease – then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do.
  • Mike Holt

    Do you need more? I can quote many more if you like. So where is your “religion of peace now?”. I call islam the ‘religion of pieces’….that’s much more appropriate
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    Hi Mike, these verses need to be read in the context with which they were revealed
    Please take time to have a look at 5, 32
    Which contradicts the one youve posted
    In relation to hijab which you deem to be barbaric
    The mother of Jesus, the god with which you base your common law off
    She wore hijab
    He prayed in the same way we do and worshipped the same God we worship. May Allah forgive our transgressions.
  • Mike Holt

    Yeah…and he killed everyone who disagreed with him. Look at what is happening around the world today. Who is bombing, cutting off heads, shooting up shopping centers,, flying planes into buildings? It’s not the christians.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    This is illegal in Islam
    Please see 5:32
    We denounce all acts of terrorism
    As they also terrorize us?
    That is false mike about prophet muhammad saw
    People threw waste on him whilst he would prostrate to Allah, he didnt call them. He prayed for them
    The surahs you quoted are taken out of context and where revealed during a period of war.
    I appreciate your discourse mike.
    The Quran is infallible.
    Indeed Allah loves the doers of good
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    Btw mike. My wife is the same age as me.
    Your such a little hate monger mate. Ive just read your profile, scum to talk about my wife?
    You will receive yours in due time mike.
    I will curse you in everyone of my prayers. May Allah give you a dogs death.
  • Today
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    Kit walker is using the same strawman rhetoric you are. Youre a fkn joke mike and you know it.
    You believe bullshit on the internet just like Kit. YOU PROVIDE NO EVIDENCE TO BACK UP YOUR CLAIMS. you use anti Islamic websites as your source.
    You are a joke a Pauline Hanson wanna be.
    A disgusting human being. I am a quarter of your age and show better rhetoric, logic and intellect than you.
    Everyday that goes past brings you closer to death. And you will taste death. Then you will be resurrected and held accountable for your disgusting words.
    May Allah punish you severely.
  • Today
  • Mike Holt

    You are so afraid of death….why? You belong to a death cult.
  • Mike Holt

    It’s funny…I provide the proof that your infernal book is full of hateful death threats and all you can do is try and insult me? Where is the logic in that? You believe the lies tgey tell you in the misque, spoken by imams who dominate you and make you believe their lies without a shred of proof and without any idea of who I am. Where is the logic in that?
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    I am not afraid of death that’s the thing?
    Mate, you insult my wife.
    you’re scum!
    i’ll reiterate, i hope you die a dog’s death!
    you will die one day, hopefully soon,
    and you will be held accountable for your misdeeds
    foolish one.
    no imam dominates me.
    you’re a racist foolish man
    who will leave no legacy in this world in the next
    you will be fuel for the fire.
    By the grace of God and that’s what you deserve.
  • Mike Holt

    Not by your god or any ither and you are just being very childish. Don’t bother me again. I don’t tolerate fools.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    You’ve quoted verses without context
    yet you have the audacity to think you know all
    you can’t speak arabic
    nor read it
    yet you claim to understand the book of my lord.
    May you be punished, i will be praying for you downfall in every prayer
    and if i am ever in buderim, i’ll pay you a visit
    may you die a dogs death
    I am childish mike
    you insult my wife?
    i am childish?
    you claim to reiterate my claims, yet you use a bias anti-islamic website to back your claims
    you’re full of subjectivity
    i repeat you will pay for your short comings
    you give Australians a bad name
    i love Australians, however not your sheltered, ignorant, god forsaken type.
    look at you mate, you’ve got the devil in you!
    That muslim bloke Delah Gomasi, the one with the very young wife,
    that’s what you said you scum
    my wife is the same age as me !
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    Lol you coward!
  • Today
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    mike please call the police.
    i’ll put in a civil suit and have you made liabel for what you say over the internet.
    would you like my address aswell?
  • Mike Holt

    Don’t worry….I’m sure the police will be very interested in what you say….
    Yes, give me your address please.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    Why address my points with your like minded followers?
    why not address them with me?
    lol why you call the police because i said if i am in buderim i’ll pay you a visit?
    you’re a racist and i’ll file a civil suit to have you held accountable for your defamation.
    and because i hope you’d die a dog’s death
    or because i said you’re a disgrace to Australians
    why waste their time, nothing will come of it?
  • Mike Holt

    Because I want them to see just what sort of person you are. When you start making death threats mate, you have broken the law. The police take a very dim view of that and they will be around to see you as a result. You and your ilk will not get away with death threats like you have in other countries. Stop crying. You have said what you said. Everyone can see it. But you prefer to skulk here and try to threaten me into silence. Well, I have exposed you to the world now. You can’t hide under your rock any more.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    lol dude
    the most they’ll tell you is to get an AVO out on me.
    by my guest.
    nothing will come of it.
    you are a fkn joke mate
    you racist pig
    I decided to block Kit Walker…for 2 reasons. 1. I do not want nazi lovers here. 2. He tried to get sympathy for his anti-Jewish stance on my timeline, while calling me power mad. Excuse me? I’m power mad because I will not allow him to spread his nazi views?
    look @ your hypocrisy!
    is that not hypocrisy?
    further, the police in your state have no jurisdiction in mine?
    how old are you mike, 12?
    12/151 greenacre rd greenacre
    my addresss mike, please let the boys in blue know.
  • Delah Gomasi
    Delah Gomasi

    searched your name on youtube, you’re a one nation candidate
    no one in Australia voted for your party are you mad?
    not one% of your electorate would’ve voted for you..
    what a joke you are!

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