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The One Place Big Government Won't Spy: Mosques

June, 13, 2013 (in case you missed the Memo. But, I doubt you did ~ I have smart Readers.

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The One Place Big Government Won’t Spy: Mosques

In case anyone is naive enough to believe that the outrageously intrusive domestic spying our government has been illicitly engaging in is for the purpose of defending us from the overwhelmingly dominant security threat, Islamic terrorism…
american_mosqueSince October 2011, mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents. No more surveillance or undercover string operations without high-level approval from a special oversight body at the Justice Department dubbed the Sensitive Operations Review Committee.
Who makes up this body, and how do they decide requests? Nobody knows; the names of the chairman, members and staff are kept secret.
The Obamunist term for this is transparency. In all likelihood the body is made up of the radical Islamists who insisted on its creation, and who have thoroughly infiltrated the Obama Administration.
This is particularly disturbing in light of recent independent surveys of A
merican mosques, which reveal some 80% of them preach violent jihad or distribute violent literature to worshippers.
At least there is a refuge somewhere from Big Government’s prying eyes: the mosques where our enemies hatch plans to murder us.
On tips from Stormfax and Spider.
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