Tuesday, June 4, 2013

REDEMPTION: Oath and Honor (By Josh Wendall)

A new book I plan on reading and want to share with you. It is a prophecy of truth and challenges we face today and how our foot-hold on Faith is being tested. We have to trust the TRUE WORDS from the TRUE PROPHET, Jesus Christ and rediscover our fortitude in order to fight the tides of evil determined to crush us, our spirit, and way of life....

A fictional novel depicting the course the world will take in bringing about antichrist; events that are happening now before our eyes....


The Book
"Oath and Honor" is the first of three fictional novels in a series entitled "Redemption" that depicts the horrific events leading to the appearance of antichrist upon the earth. Unique interpretations of Scripture and other prophecies are used to make a highly compelling argument that America was predicted to exist in Revelation, was founded on a Covenant with God to in essence become New Jerusalem, and that now the Covenant has been broken, making America the New Babylon.
With the United Nations and other forces setting the stage, and a willfully compliant news media spreading their false messages of disgusting propaganda, the antichrist uses the most terrible of pestilences and the biggest lie ever told in order to convince the world that he is, in fact, the world's savior.

But there is hope.

Marine Staff Sergeant Danny McMann is recovering from an almost unsavable leg injury sustained while on a U. N. "peacekeeping" mission in Syria (July of this year). The tragedy he suffers in the ambush that nearly took his leg has caused him to lose his once strong faith in God. With the help of his friends, family, Nurse Ida Mae Delacroix, Chaplain Jeremiah Brown, Sister Kathryn Resch, he seeks for the way back to God. During his search he is reminded of his Sacred Oath to America as a Marine, and finds a new friend... his physical therapist, Mo, who is a Palestinian-born converted Christian. The events in Mo's life which caused him to convert also hold a powerful connection to Danny, and the two embark on the search for truth in a world seeming spinning off its axis.
Is redemption possible for Danny? ...for America? ...indeed for the whole Earth?

Current status of the project

As of today, the 82,000 word novel is complete, with a few finishing touches left for publication. I have a copy-editor working with me, but we have another published author willing to give it a fresh set of eyes and scrutiny as to grammatical accuracy, etc. This will cost a little to be done.

I have tirelessly researched self-publishing agencies, along with submitting to well-known publishing houses and have a plan in place. For $800, I can have the book set and ready for sale as an Ebook in various formats. From the proceeds of that sale, (and continued support after the initial goal of $1,200 is met) I will move on to hardcover sales available on a personal website, Amazon and other venues. After that, I will "continue to continue" along this path seemingly set before me to get this work into the public view. I pray that i can begin as quickly as possible, with the support of you, the selfless contributor.

Number Next

This novel will be the first of three in a series. I have already begun work on the second, and know pretty much where the entire story will go. Changes will of course occur, as they did during the six months it took me to research and agonize over with the writing of this book. I will continue to take very special care in getting my interpretations of prophecy and scripture correct, always listening to the same Voice that has led the project this far. I have made as little of this novel fiction as possible, always relying on current events and my own projection of how those events will play out.
Because of the numerous head-shaking coincidences of certain events predicted coming true, I feel such an urgent need to put this out for public consumption as fast as humanly possible. Any contribution you can make will aid in that expediency, and will be a blessing to both me and this (I feel) important work.
Thank you in advance for your support. Good things always come...


Please visit the link on my website at http://joshwendell.yolasite.com/redemption-book.php for the first three sample chapters of the book. Be warned, however. This is a gritty, terrible vision of Revelation, and the second chapter depicts the battle and brutal ambush that Danny encounters in Syria. I do not sugar coat, and I make no apologies. I am a former Marine, (scratch that. I am only on extended leave until either America calls me to fulfill my own Oath, of God calls me up for gate guard duty in Heaven)  I believe eyes need to be opened, and I have total faith and confidence that my work will do just that on so many different levels. Besides all that, it is a good story in itself; rich with plot and character development. I will provide more sample chapters upon request from serious potential pledgers and already committed pledgers. Enjoy!...

Risks and challenges

I have placed this project on here five months ago, when it was barely in its infancy. It wasn't funded for that obvious reason. Now the work is finished, with a definite plan in place for publication. Please forgive my first-time writer jitters in jumping that gun!

The risks involved in completing this project... I can see none that I haven't already covered or foreseen, only in the time frame I am working under. The book begins on July 9th, 2013, and ends Christmas 2013. Not being funded and sent to sale in time is the only factor left in determining whether this book will see the light of day.


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